Messy Fingers

Debra S. Higginbotham


Sticky fingers, tangled hair,
scattered crayons everywhere.
Fancy artwork on the wall
drawn by little ones three feet tall.
Tell me why and tell me how.
That was mine, I want it NOW!
Fix my bike. Buy me gum.
If you have it, I want some.
Dirty faces, grass-stained knees,
learning words like pretty please.
Endless hugs and goofy wet kisses,
learning respect with ‘Mr.’ & ‘Mrs.’
Scraped-up hands from falling down.
Tender tugs – – on my night gown.
Need more paper for Santa’s letter?
I wasn’t so bad, but I’ve been better.
Watching a movie again and again.
Mommy, please put the tape back in.
Messy fingers, hair gone wild,
all in the life of a precious child!


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