Karen Mills – When Your Parents Worry

and I have literally been digging digging digging through my purse looking for my cell phone while I was talking on it , I can’t find my phone,  I don’t know what I’ve done with my phone,  my friend goes, “well just talk to me on this one – ’till you find it” . and now everyone is wireless you , know the other day I’m waiting for the elevator,  so elevator doors open the guy goes :  “Hey ! ” I said “hey” he goes, “how you doing ?” I said, “I’m good” he goes, “I’m on the phone” I said, “I am too !” you gotta think quick . but that’s how the way to really make that work for me, I ran into a girl who went to high school , where she came running over to me , “Karen” I said,  “Cathy” and she said, “No” she said, “I’m Sarah” I said, “I’m on the phone”


and whenever I’m talking to my mom on my cell phone if I drop the call and I call her back she’s in a panic she says, “Are  you okay ?” I’m like,  “well, yeah I just lost my signal” and she’s like, “Oh,  Lord that scared me to death I was afraid somebody had knocked in the head”. she’s always worrying about that , “don’t stop it to rest there at night somebody knock you in the head” ,  “you better lock your doors tight somebody break in only to knock in the hand” ,  I’m surprised we don’t hear more about that on the news,  “last night 15 people got knocked in the hand , one of them was talking on her cell phone”  and I told my mom I was doing that bit I went through the whole thing for her ,  she looked at me and then cracked a smile she said I,  “don’t see anything funny about getting knocked in the head .”

but it’s kind of a double standard because I tell her, “I’m fine,  stop worrying ” but if I’ve called my parents for several hours and nobody answers and  I’m on the phone to my brother and want words with mom and dad , they didn’t say they were going anywhere ,  we’re in the world could they be ? then we both take off after their house start looking for clues,  in a little while here they come they’ve been to funeral home, ran into people they hadn’t seen in a while , got socialising, I say,  “yeah we need to let  somebody know if you’re gonna be out late ( at night ) , I thought somebody knocked in the head”

Ohhh we should be a millionaire if her job was to worry , she worries about everything I was on a cruise and the whole time I was gone she was on pins and needles because of pirates ,  I said,  “Mom the pirates are in Somalia , I’m gonna be in the Caribbean”  she said,  “that doesn’t matter so there’s copycats so that’s what’s really threatening our national security , copycat pirates and in case you didn’t know and she knows just another about technology to confuse her she called me one day and she said, ” will you look on your computer and see what channel the ball game comes on” she said,  “I googled it with my remote control but I can’t find it”  and back when Amazon announced they were going to start sending drones to deliver packages she called and she said,  “do you know what’s gonna happen there you order something from Amazon they’ll send a drone out to deliver it to you and about the time they drop it on your porch you’ll walk out your front door and get knocked in the head !

Disscussion Time

– Do you belive that parrents are sometimes worried too much ?
– Do you have any similar experiences to talk about ?
– What are some major sources of worry common among parents


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